3 Things Most Homeowners Don’t Know About Air Duct Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your home and maintaining a sanitary environment inside your home with good quality indoor air, there is more than just simple air filter changes involved. However, air ducts are one of the most neglected features during the heating and air conditioning maintenance process, even for the homeowner with a fully functional HVAC system. The truth is that ductwork cleaning has more than just a few benefits to the property owner, especially when it comes to indoor environmental health, HVAC efficiency, and convenience. Obviously, no one will ever tell you that air duct cleaning is compulsory or a health requirement, but what is the main purpose of ductwork cleaning service, how is it done, and how often should property owners consider it? To help decipher this and answer many other common questions homeowners have about duct cleaning, here are 4 major things most homeowners don’t know about air duct cleaning.

1. The Purpose Of Duct Cleaning

Most scientific studies depict that indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more toxic compared to outdoor air according to EPA. According to Dr. Axe, the levels of indoor pollutants is mostly increased by poor ventilation and may originate from sources such as tobacco smoke, mold and mildew growth due to increase humidity, cooking and heating fumes, household, products, and building materials, just to name a few sources.

Even though air filters are to some level effective in reducing indoor pollution, they in most cases get rid of only 10% of the contaminants from indoor air. While some pollutants remain airborne and others settle on indoor surfaces, some of them remain in the duct system, meaning that they are consistently carried in the air as it passed through. These can easily be breathed in by the residents, thus posing a huge health risk. Especially for asthmatics and people with respiratory health problems, dirty, contaminated ductwork can be a harmful or even fatal health hazard. Air duct cleaning is thus essential to improve the indoor air quality, improve breathing, and improve sanitation, and improve air flow. 

Air duct cleaning is especially important in areas of higher elevation like Denver, Colorado as the altitude has an effect on the operation of heating and air conditioning equipment.

Air duct cleaning is also important in heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems as the removal of debris and clogging matter in HVAC ductwork can improve airflow, reduce clogging, improve performance, and boost the lifetime of the HVAC equipment according to Achrnews.com’s Gary Arena. With improved HVAC performance energy consumption and utility bills by HVAC systems can be reduced. Duct cleaning can also reduce the need for repairs thus keeping the HVAC maintenance and operational costs down.

2. The Duct Cleaning Process

It is not uncommon for homeowners to wonder, ‘how is air duct cleaning performed?’ When you hire a good air duct cleaning professional or HVAC contractor for the job, you can expect them to put various techniques and equipment at work. The air duct system together with the furnace is examined by the professional technicians, who then come up with a report on the extent of contamination present. Any buildup of debris and contaminants are removed using specialized tools and vacuum cleaners. Deep duct cleaning may be required depending on how advanced the situation is. According to an expert author of many years, Folusho Orokunle, some homeowners find it a bit uncomfortable staying in the home when their air ducts are being cleaned. It is thereby crucial that you hire a trusted, insured, bonded company that you can trust leaving in your property.

3. The Recommended Frequency For Air Duct Cleaning

A good number of homeowners also want to know how often they should clean their air ducts. Well, this may depend on various factors. It may depend on where you live (location), the type of heating and cooling system you have in your home, and how big your house is. It may also depend on how well the last air duct cleaning professional did their job. However, you should be good to go for the next 2-5 years if the last air duct cleaning expert did a wonderful job, in many cases.